Wading through Insights on your Facebook Business Page

I’m going to come out and just say it. I’ll be frank. Completely honest. Quick-to-the-point. About two things:

A. Social media marketing is less about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS than it is about the people you serve

B. Facebook has too much data to sift through

So how do you know what your audience values? You need to look at your Page’s “Insights” tab, but once you’re there, you may get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and numbers that are available.

So today we’re going to cover the 5 places in your insights that you need to consistently be checking in order to make sure your page is serving your clientele.

The Facebook Business Page Insights you need to be consistently checking (in no particular order)

  1. Page Summary/Dashboard: quick hits of your page’s performance in a variety of areas over the last 1, 7 or 28 days. I always refer to my reach, engagement, video views, and sometimes “Actions” depending on what I’ve asked my followers to do in my last marketing period. These indicators give me a baseline of how I’ve done, and I love the handy little red/green percentages. But don’t take these at face value. If your video views have tanked, it may be because you had 4 videos last month and only 1 this month…therefore your views would naturally be less. So don’t forget to think critically about the “why” behind these values when evaluating your performance.
  2. Posts/When Your Fans are Online: this handy graph helps me know when followers of my page can typically be found online. This helps me schedule out my posts at a time that they are most likely to be active on Facebook and therefore encounter my content.
  3. Posts/All Posts Published: A quick breakdown of  each posts’ reach and engagement. You can use this to establish trends in types or subjects of content to help you better layout your content calendar moving forward. Soooo helpful for the batch producer who likes to schedule in advance!
  4. People: I love this tab for giving me guidance when setting up paid ads. I can quickly and easily decipher which genders, age groups, etc. I’m already reaching, and where I should allot my funds to better my overall page performance. You can also get a description of how people are engaging with your posts which is extra beneficial in helping decide if you are reaching your target market.
  5. Local: This is critical if you are a local business or a brick-and-mortar store. You can get a report of when people are active either within your store’s radius or in your zipcode, which can then be used to help you establish store hours, exclusive sales, etc.
  6. BONUS: make sure you’re also regularly checking insights on your other platforms too. Have an Instagram account? Check the bar graph in the upper right to measure your performance. Writing a blog? Make decisions about future topics depending on your engagement with past posts.

In summary, make sure you are regularly measuring your analytics so you can verify that you are providing value to your target audience and putting future content marketing efforts into areas and subjects that your people actually want to know more about.

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