How to Pursue Creating a Small Business from your Passion

Have you ever heard of “Imposter Syndrome”?

<insert Wayne’s World “I’m not worthy” GIF here with your mind>

It’s that feeling you get when you don’t feel like you a worthy-enough, knowledgeable-enough, or downright not good enough to speak on a particular subject.

…and that’s how I’m feeling right about now as I write on the subject of creating a passion-centered small business. Because in all actuality, I never set out to create a small business. Being an entrepreneur was never on my radar.

But in following and growing in areas I was passionate about, it seems that this little business of Molly Knuth Media has brought all my passions together and evolved into a mission to help other local businesses and small businesses solve their own marketing problems and feel empowered when it comes to digital marketing.

So hold tight, and let this imposter give it to you straight.

Here are the seven how-to’s of building your passion-centered small business:

  1. Watch for shoulder taps. Passions and signs aren’t always explicit.
  2. Never quit learning. This doesn’t mean go back to college and spend thousands for a degree; this means watch out for educational opportunities in your interest area.
  3. Make time. You won’t get better unless you make time to improve. Carve out room in your schedule for growth.
  4. Keep a positive, open mind. All this is useless if you don’t believe in yourself and your success.
  5. Foster your creative side. Unplug or take time away from your passion! That’s when creativity can strike.
  6. Take action. All of this is useless if you make excuses or need things to be perfect before you launch. Gather your courage and jump.
  7. Love Yourself – stolen from Jen Sincero’s You are a Badass

What does all this mean and how can YOU use these for yourself? Watch the video below and download the show notes for instructions on how to live your passions and be courageous enough to start your own passion-centered small business:

Show Notes: MKM LIVE_ Monday, June 18

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