Marketing Your Business. Better.

If you own or help manage a small business, you know that what you DO professionally is just a small fraction of what you must DO as an owner.  Being a small business owner requires you to be a tradesperson, manager, accountant, human resources manager, IT technician, and marketer.

Over the last few years, marketing your business has changed drastically.  Having a social media presence is no longer an option, but a necessity.  In establishing an online presence, you and your business can better communicate with customers and clients, display your work and purpose, and accurately measure your marketing investment and reach.  With all the opportunity this type of marketing affords and the data it provides, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the posts and management that each social platform entails.  Molly Knuth Media is here to help.

Molly Knuth Media is dedicated to representing you: a local, small business who wants to take control of their business’ marketing.  We’re here to help market your business.  Better.

I have seen a lot of Molly Knuth’s top quality work, and she recently completed a video montage for us.  She works quickly, has creative ideas and finds the pieces of the footage that will be the most dynamic for the message you are conveying.  I would highly recommend Molly Knuth Media to anyone looking for a social media presence.  She has many levels of pricing and products and can work with you on your budget.

Kathy McAllister, Fidelity Bank

We worked with Molly Knuth Media on a large, video recruitment project.  Molly embraced our vision for the project and provided great ideas, direction, and energy throughout the process.  She was very responsive to questions and feedback we had along the way and completed the entire project much faster than I would have ever thought possible!  With Molly’s guidance, we were able to utilize the video on social media and have been amazed by the results.  We will definitely be working with her again on future projects.  Molly provides exceptional service, products, and pricing, and is a joy to work with!

Kristie McCarthy, HR at East Iowa Machine Company