Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

If you own or help manage a small business, you know that what you DO professionally is just a small fraction of what you must DO as an owner.  Being a small business owner requires you to be a tradesperson, manager, accountant, human resources manager, IT technician, and marketer.

Over the last few years, marketing your business has changed drastically.  Having a social media presence is no longer an option, but a necessity.  In establishing an online presence, you and your business can better communicate with customers and clients, display your work and purpose, and accurately measure your marketing investment and reach.  With all the opportunity this type of marketing affords and the data it provides, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the posts and management that each social platform entails.  Molly Knuth Media is here to help.

Molly Knuth Media is dedicated to representing you: a local, small business who wants to take control of your marketing.  We’re here to help market your small business better online.

What We Do

Molly Knuth Media wants to help your small business become social.  We offer everything from one-time, one-on-one consultation to monthly, multi-platform management packages.  Please contact our team to discuss the best product for your small business and detailed pricing options.

Done For You

With this option our team at MKM handles all your digital marketing for you. From planning and scheduling posts to writing blog posts for your website and managing your Instagram statistics, we can keep you active on social while you can get back to what you love: your small business.

Packages starting at $349/mo

Done With You

In this option, we at MKM can meet with you to help you create a strategic approach to your digital marketing. In this option, choose from team workshops or one-on-one meetings to create actionable steps to help you implement on your own.

Packages starting at $129

Done by You

Head over to the MKM Store for tools to help you create content and implement social strategy in your own business. With each purchase, you also receive exclusive access to the MKM Social Climbers Facebook Group with tutorials to coach you in using your purchase.

Starting at $2.99


If you own a small business or you manage the digital marketing for a local business, you know the pressure and commitment you can feel when it comes to creating content to share with your followers on your website, Facebook, Instagram, and all the digital spaces you can share your business’ story on.

Here on MKM’s Social Literacy Blog, it’s our goal to help you quickly and easily :

  • create content
  • schedule posts
  • provide exceptional online customer service
  • build community
  • advertise your business

In addition to our regular MKM blog entries, you can also access our online tutorials or head to the MKM Store for tools to help you market your small business better online.

Lifestyle focus at MKM: The Fall of 2018 (part 1)

As a small business owner, the balance between business and family is a constant struggle, and at times we need to dedicate extra hours to growing our companies. But there are also times, where business needs to take a backseat, or even a break, in order for us to attend to our family. At MKM, I want everyone to see that my small business operates in large part alongside my family (husband Ryan and four kiddos: Aiden, Charlotte, Corinne, and Henry), so throughout the next few weeks, I’ll share with you the story of Fall 2018, when MKM came to a halt for over 8 weeks. Limited work time, limited income, but through it all, I gained a new appreciation for my clients, my children, my family, and my LIFE beyond the world of digital marketing and work.

Saving time in your Social (Content) Calendar

We’ve reached the point of summer where the kiddos are bored, the mamas and daddies are excitedly back-to-school shopping, and business owners are caught between vacations and needing to push production. With all this going on, where is there time to actively market your small business’ products and services online? Stop by for MKM’s 5 tips for saving time while staying consistent with your small business’ social media marketing.

Keeping the Social in Social Media: A Printable for Marketing your Business Online

As business owners, we’ve been coached and nurtured to sell, sell, sell our product, but constant self-promotion is NOT what audiences on social media respond to. They know the marketing schemes and click-bait posts, and they are savvy enough to know when something is a pitch versus a genuine story being told. So here at Molly Knuth Media, I’m going to tell you that for the next week, I want you to refocus your online marketing efforts, and focus instead on interacting socially with your followers. Oh look! And I even included a handy checklist to make it easy for you!


Want to buy some ready-made digital marketing tools that can save you time so you can get back to doing what you love? Check out Molly’s favorites below

Writing Effectively for Your Audience Checklist

You're sitting at your computer, fingers poised over the keyboard ready to write that perfect social media post to sell your next product. ...but your fingers aren't moving. You're not sure of what to say OR how to say it. Enter the MKM Writing for your Audience Checklist. Start with establishing your objective for posting, follow MKM's HACCT writing framework, and throw in some additional writing goodies that will attract (not turn away) those people scrolling by your blogs and social posts. For a one-time fee of $3.99, this checklist will help you outline your writing so you never have to stare at that blank screen again. After your purchase, an email with the PDF download will be sent to you within 24 hours.


September Content Calendar

Don't have the time to create your own content calendar for the month of September? No worries! For $2.99 you can download and print this calendar from MKM with a topic already planned for each day. You supply the photos and videos, then post to your social business accounts.


6-Month Content Calendar

Don't have the time to create your own content calendar? No worries! For $14.99 you can download and print this 6-month series of social media marketing calendars from MKM. With a different focus for each month we constructed workable topics for each day that not only give you something to talk about, but build your marketing collateral and skills along the way. You supply the photos and videos, then post to your social business accounts. Each purchase also includes membership to the Molly Knuth Media Social Climbers Facebook group for training videos that accompany each product, and you can join the Social Workers group for accountability and staying on track with your online marketing goals.