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Everything changed once I committed to getting smarter about my money and regularly login and categorize my business account using Quickbooks Online. It's cheap, It's simple, and it's just what a number-phobic business owner like me needs to feel empowered about her money. TRY IT →


My team started using ClickUp in 2022 and man, is it the tool we were looking for to organize projects all in one place. I can easily assign tasks to team members, share files, and assign deadlines, and we don't lose the messages in our inboxes. TRY IT →

Have you picked up yet that I like to keep things simple and fast? That's exactly what you get with Flodesk. Emails, landing pages, and automated workflows that are beautiful and intuitive. I cried real tears when I realized that automated emails could be this easy. TRY IT →

Flodesk Email Platform

When creating tutorials or training videos. You NEED Loom's video recording software. It is so quick to upload and share with your followers and I'm kicking myself for not using it sooner. TRY IT →

Loom Screen Recorder

This extension of the Facebook suite of tools helps content creators schedule posts, get in-depth data about their efforts, and even schedule posts to Instagram. A must-have if you're posting on behalf of a Business Page. TRY IT →

Meta Business Suite

Marketing tools

How can you design everything from printables to social graphics like the pros? Canva! I use this program daily to help me create social content that looks on-brand and scroll-stopping. TRY IT →


Whether it’s cleaning your house, getting outside for a walk, or tinkering in the garage, find something that fills your cup away from social media. It is in moments like these that I find my own mind can wander and I come up with some of my best ideas for social media content.

5. Outlet for your energy 

HOW did I do without these? I love my airpods for listening to podcasts while I work or for recording videos without that annoying echo of sound. Probably not an essential, but definitely a nice perk if you create a lot of social content.

4. AirPods

social media management must-haves

Using the desktop version of apps like Facebook, Instagram, Canva, and Planoly, allows you so many more options when you produce digital content for your small business. I only use my mobile device for responding to messages in real time, otherwise you’ll find me working from a legit computer.

3. Laptop or Desktop

Track how much time social media content takes you. I prefer the HoursTracker free app. This helps me see exactly how long I spend planning, designing, and scheduling content for my social feeds, so I can determine ROI and when it’s time to outsource.

2. Time Tracker

Planning your posts goes faster when you have a plan and strategy behind it. Print blank monthly calendars and pencil in your offers and what you plan to talk about each week and each day. OR if you want assistance with the “what to talk about” check out Molly Knuth Media’s 12-month calendar available in the classroom.

1. Calendar

Women in Business You Should be Following

How to save time when planning your social posts

Quick & Easy
Video Creation for Social Media

Do You NEED to have your business on social media?

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Rural Revival

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If you haven't yet read "Dare to Lead" by Brené Brown, I advise you to go pick it up from your local library or bookstore.

Full of helpful, tactical tips that would benefit any community organizer or business owner, this text speaks to how to treat and grow a team in trust and confidence.

It's helped me reevaluate my leadership approach and helped me lean in to vulnerability for the sake of connection and humanizing.

by Brené Brown

Dare to Lead

If you own a business or a side hustle or are THINKING about starting one, you have got to buy this book. It has shifted my entire marketing mindset.

– It helped me clarify why some social posts succeeded while others failed.

– It helped me realize what my brand and my clients' brands needed to focus on in their marketing.

– It helped me feel empowered as I talked about how local businesses change the world for the better.

by Donald Miller

Building a Storybrand

Favorite Books

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