Services starting at $777

What if sharing your business’ products and services was easier and more effective? What if you could get your offer in front of the exact right person your business is designed to help? What if instead of guessing what worked on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, blogging, podcasting, and email, etc. you KNEW the next right turn to take and had a clear roadmap to get you there?

Strategy Sessions include:
* video audit
* 90-minute training session
* brand strategy guide creation
* 30-minute follow up check in


Services starting at $2997

Focus on growing your marketing efforts in one online space. Focus on integrating the online platform into your marketing strategy for your small business and developing a marketing plan for your business that achieves your quarterly or annual goals and objectives. 

Consultation partnerships can be contracted over 3 months or 6 months and include monthly training calls, strategic content planning, analytics analysis, video audit, and additional resources that are curated for each business. 


Services starting at $1297

Marketing team training?
Local business group that needs DIY education?
Planning a business event and seeking a keynote speaker?

Molly Knuth of Molly Knuth Media has 7 years of experience in marketing strategy and execution for small businesses in a variety of industries.

Contact Molly to discuss 75-minute, half day or full day workshop booking options.

Workshops include workbooks, access to slide decks, site selection, and potential for hot seats or follow-up sessions.


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At MKM we help you meet your audience in a way that works for your small-town audience. We focus on sharing the benefits of your products and services, the role you and your business fill in your community, and the stories of the people who make your business run.

To share these stories we use content marketing, a philosophy that builds unique, creative content for your business. Through photos, videos, interactive polls, and fun campaigns, we create a social media feed that your audience craves seeing in their Newsfeed.

Not everything we make is picture-perfect, magazine-ready, Photoshop-worthy designs. But it is real. It’s authentic. And it’s true to small-town values.

Want some examples of our work? Check out the following MKM clients:

MKM Knows Small-Town Businesses

two gingers' tavern | cascade, iowa

Amanda Schlemme

"Molly is great to work with, has helped us expand our reach on social media, does a fantastic job making all of our communications eye-catching to potential customers, and is very helpful in coming up with new ideas to try to expand our business. We highly recommend all of her work."

mike rea for WDCCSD school board

Claire Brown

"Not only does [Molly] know the insides and out of the social media world, she genuinely cares to help you and your business... She has creative ideas and teaches you how to be creative to reach a larger audience."

Done For You Client

Molly takes time to really understand where you are and what you need. She works with you to customize an approach that fits you and your business vs. a cookie cutter, one-size-fits all way of doing things. She made sure that everything we did reflected who we are, what we can do, and what matters most to us! Plus...Molly's just fun to be around!

owner | jl entertainment design

Michelle Lusi

Molly has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is extremely knowledgable about social media, very responsive with all communications, and such a down to earth, kind person. I have been a member of her Social Elite Marketing Group and it has been a game changer for our business! Thank you Molly for all you do!!