Facebook for Business 101

Why do you NEED a Facebook Page for your business and how exactly is managing a page different than just a personal account? Check it all out in MKM's newest blog for marketing your small business or local business.

Get on the Blogging Bandwagon: The Top 4 Reasons your Website Needs a Blog (and how to get started)

If an idea keeps itching the corner of your brain, it's a sign from the universe that you need to get going and take action towards turning this idea into a reality. After months of thinking about a blog, I did a little research and I learned about the function and importance of regularly generating new content for your website. So, I jumped aboard the blogging bandwagon and got out of my own stubborn way.

So ladies and gents, I humbly give you, the Molly Knuth Media top 4 reasons your website needs a blog and some tips for getting out of your own way and getting started.

Building Community Online and IRL

When you are using social as a marketing platform for your biz, remember that it is your job...no your responsibility...to honor the people who follow you, and build a community to help them make connections and get inspired by your product or service.

Branding for the Digital Sphere

When branding your new business, it can be easy to get caught up in the naming and the logo design, but branding goes so much further than that. In today's MKM lesson, we'll talk about what to consider when establishing your business' brand and setting yourself apart on the digital sphere.