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Hi there! I'm Molly: small town enthusiast, digital marketer, and mom of 4, passionate about helping local, small businesses thrive. Stick around to learn how YOU can flourish while living and doing business in a small town.

molly knuth

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“Should I add Pinterest to my business’ marketing?” Coaching Call with Natalie Berning

Have you ever wished you could just ask an expert, “How the heck do I do this…in simple terms?”

That’s exactly what I thought as I was planning out 2024 content for The Found Podcast: Why not give entrepreneurs and small business owners an opportunity to ask real questions in real time and get real answers that matter to them?

Today’s submission is from one of my former coaching clients and friend, Natalie Berning of Berning Acres. Natalie asked, “Should I add Pinterest to my business marketing strategy?”

This is a layered question, but it’s one I think all of us should ask from time to time as we develop our marketing strategy.

Benefits of Incorporating Pinterest in your Small Business’ Marketing Strategy

How do you get started? It’s not as simple as just starting an account and saying “Hey, let’s Pin!” 

I highly recommend that anytime you add a platform to your marketing toolkit you make sure 

A: it is aligned with your ideal audience 

B: you have the time to dedicate to the learning and growth it’s going to take to get started on the platform 

C: you develop a long-term and short-term plan for how this new platform will serve your business

D: begin with the end in mind and map out your customer’s acquisition journey

That being said, there are lots of reasons a small business could benefit from the addition of Pinterest to their marketing strategy:

Visual Discovery: 

Pinterest is a highly visual platform where users discover ideas, products, and inspiration through images and videos. Small businesses can leverage this visual aspect to showcase their products or services in a visually appealing way, making them more discoverable to potential customers.

High Intent Audience: 

Pinterest users often have high purchase intent, with many actively seeking ideas and inspiration for future purchases. By creating engaging and relevant content, small businesses can connect with users who are actively looking for products or services like theirs, driving traffic and sales.

Longevity of Pins: 

Unlike other social media platforms where content may have a short lifespan, pins on Pinterest can have a long shelf life and continue to drive traffic and engagement over time. This means that small businesses can benefit from ongoing exposure and visibility for their content, even months or years after it’s been pinned.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits: 

Pinterest acts as a visual search engine, allowing users to discover content based on keywords and interests. By optimizing pins with relevant keywords and descriptions, small businesses can improve their visibility in Pinterest search results and drive organic traffic to their website.

Referral Traffic: 

Pinterest is a powerful driver of referral traffic, with users frequently clicking through pins to visit external websites. Small businesses can use Pinterest to drive traffic to their website, blog, or online store, increasing brand exposure and potential conversions.

Targeted Advertising Options: 

Pinterest offers robust advertising options, including Promoted Pins and Pinterest Ads, which allow small businesses to target specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. This targeted approach can help small businesses reach their ideal customers and drive meaningful results.

Steps for Starting out on Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just another social media platform—it’s a powerful tool for driving traffic, increasing brand visibility, and connecting with potential customers. If you’re ready to harness the potential of Pinterest for your business, here are five essential steps to get started:

Create a Business Account: 

The first step to launching your Pinterest marketing strategy is to create a business account. This will give you access to valuable analytics and advertising features that can help you track your progress and reach your goals.

Optimize Your Profile: 

Take the time to update and edit your account’s bio section, profile picture, and helpful links. Use this space to showcase your brand personality, share important information about your business, and drive traffic to your website or other online properties.

Create Relevant Boards: 

Next, create boards that align with your content pillars and target audience interests. Use simple, SEO-friendly titles for your boards to help your content get found in Pinterest search results. Organize your boards strategically to make it easy for users to find the content they’re looking for.

Curate and Repurpose Content: 

Don’t limit yourself to sharing only your own content on Pinterest. Curate and repurpose high-quality content from other creators that is relevant to your audience and aligns with your brand. Share these pins on your boards to provide value to your followers and keep your feed fresh and engaging.

Create Fresh Pins: 

Finally, create your own fresh pins that direct people to your website, sales pages, and email opt-in forms. Use eye-catching visuals, compelling copy, and clear calls to action to encourage clicks and engagement. Experiment with different pin formats, designs, and messaging to see what resonates best with your audience.

By following these five steps, you’ll be well on your way to launching a successful Pinterest marketing strategy that drives traffic, increases brand awareness, and helps you achieve your business goals.

Helpful Resources for Pinterest Marketing

For more information about Pinterest best practices for your business, visit the following links:

A little more about Natalie and Berning Acres

Berning Acres is a second generation family-owned dairy farm located in Menominee, Illinois (halfway between East Dubuque & Galena). There, the Berning family milks 400 cows, 3 times each day, 365 days a year. Their herd consists of mostly Holsteins (the black and white ones!) and in addition, they run about 850 acres of crop ground. 

The Bernings have always loved inviting people to come check out the farm and experience what farming looks like in the 21st century. So it wasn’t long before they had the idea to add education and agri-tourism to their operation. 

Throughout the year, the Bernings host a variety of events, tours, and camps to bring people to the farm and learn about what it takes to make the food we see on the shelves in our local grocery stores. From their kid-friendly Farm Camps and day camps to the adults-only Night at the Farm events perfect for date night, their events sell quickly and get rave reviews from visitors in the Galena, Illinois, area.

Their hope is that you’ll leave with some great knowledge about agriculture, farm animals and farm life (and a deeper appreciation for that wholesome nutritious glass of milk you enjoy each day!)  

For more information about Berning Acres and to schedule your farm experience, visit

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Hi there! I'm Molly: small town enthusiast, digital marketer, and mom of 4, passionate about helping local, small businesses thrive. Stick around to learn how YOU can flourish while living and doing business in a small town.

molly knuth

Meet the blogger