Saving time in your Social (Content) Calendar

We’ve reached it.

The point of summer where the kiddos are bored, the mamas and daddies are excitedly back-to-school shopping, and business owners are caught between vacations and needing to push production.

Summer phone taking photo

With all this going on, where is there time to actively market your small business’ products and services online?

Creating Great Summer Content for Social Media

In an effort to still produce great content that your audience will love and do so in a time-efficient way, here are five pieces of content you can implement today on your social media channels.

  1. Get outside! Talk a walk in your neighborhood, around your building, into your town to snap quick photos and videos of what you see outside your office/shop/vehicle window. Call it “summer in my small part of town” and press “Post.”
  2. Share your origin story. Chances are you have a story of why your business came to be. Maybe it was a great idea you’ve been dreaming about since high school. Maybe it emerged out of necessity for your family. Whatever your origin, people want to hear it! Write down a little about why you started this small business and include two photos: one of your business when it started and one of your business today. Bonus points if your photos include the people who made it happen.
  3. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Check out the stats on your recent Facebook and Insta posts, YouTube video, or blog entries. Which ones scored the highest amongst your followers? Look beyond the obvious and start to extract themes and commonalities to guide you. Do your followers react more to pictures of people? Do they like seeing behind the scenes of your shop or more product-centric photos? Do they watch and engage with your video tutorials? Give your audience more of what they are engaging with.
  4. Break it down. Do you have a video or blog post that you’ve created in the past? Great! Now you’ve got a content library started, and an opportunity to take one piece of content and stretch it out into multiple pieces to use over the course of several days. From these larger forms of content, we can break down a blog post or video into step-by-step photo posts on Facebook, quotes to share on Instagram, or before/after features that will make your audience swoon.
  5. Repurpose. Have you been marketing your business online for more than six months? Then, baby, let’s take an old post and make it new. Go back into your post archives and copy the text from an old post to put into a new one. Add a new photo or use the same one you posted the first time around. Simple and fast. …But Molly, won’t my audience know that I just made the same post? Maybe. But the chances are better that in the last six months of scrolling through social apps, they forgot that single post of yours from November 2018 and are ready to see it again. Or that due to the algorithm, they never even saw your original post when it went live. So just copy, paste, and post.

And there you have it!

5 quick tips for keeping consistent on your social channels these last few weeks of summer without spending hours in front of your computer creating brand new content.

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