Keeping the Social in Social Media: A Printable for Marketing your Business Online

As business owners, we've been coached and nurtured to sell, sell, sell our product, but constant self-promotion is NOT what audiences on social media respond to. They know the marketing schemes and click-bait posts, and they are savvy enough to know when something is a pitch versus a genuine story being told. So here at Molly Knuth Media, I'm going to tell you that for the next week, I want you to refocus your online marketing efforts, and focus instead on interacting socially with your followers. Oh look! And I even included a handy checklist to make it easy for you!

The DEFINITIVE List of People You May Not Have Heard Of (But Need to be Listening to) if You’re Marketing Your Business Online

When you type in "marketing my business online" Google returns millions of results: a mix of ads, billion-dollar businesses, and gurus. But you know who I connect with best? People. So in this list I'm bringing you all the individuals whose messages inspire and guide you in building and maintaining a successful business both online and in real life.