Molly Knuth Media was a pleasure to work with. Not only does she know the inside and out of the social media world, she genuinely cares to help you and your business. She opened up her schedule to fit us in as quick as possible which was a quality we really appreciated about her. She has creative ideas and teaches you how to be creative to reach a larger audience. We highly recommend her to you and your business!

Claire Brown, Mike Rea for WDCCSD School Board

Molly Knuth Media has done a fantastic job managing our marketing on social media. Molly is great to work with, has helped us expand our reach on social media, does a fantastic job making all of our communications eye-catching to potential customers, and is very helpful in coming up with new ideas to try to expand our business.  We highly recommend all of her work.

Amanda Schlemme, Two Gingers’ Tavern

We worked with Molly Knuth Media on a large, video recruitment project.  Molly embraced our vision for the project and provided great ideas, direction, and energy throughout the process.  She was very responsive to questions and feedback we had along the way and completed the entire project much faster than I would have ever thought possible!  With Molly’s guidance, we were able to utilize the video on social media and have been amazed by the results.  We will definitely be working with her again on future projects.  Molly provides exceptional service, products, and pricing, and is a joy to work with!

Kristie McCarthy, HR at East Iowa Machine Company

Molly has helped me so much ! We had a “Meeting of the Minds,” and she has helped me get my Facebook page up and running. She has answered any questions I may have had after the meeting very promptly. Thank you Molly for all your help and the support you give me on my page !

Kelly Wink, World Changer Helo

I have been nothing but extremely pleased with the work that Molly has done for Aquin Little Angels!  She is always on top of getting messages, information and events posted on our Facebook page without me even telling her!  I feel like she can read my mind as far as what should be posted next!  Molly Knuth Media does fantastic work and is very professional and organized.  Thank you so much for everything you have done for Aquin Little Angels Early Childhood Center!!

Jenny Recker, Aquin Little Angels Early Childhood Center

Molly was amazing! She went above and beyond with our Facebook audit. She gave us tools, insights, feedback and ideas to help us create a cohesive, relevant social media presence.

Allison Tetzlaff, Allison Marie Design

[Molly] is very consistent in her posts, and explains very well for the people that don’t quite understand or do our kind of work everyday.

Brad Gravel, Gravel Grading & Excavating

We started working with Molly in January to increase the traffic on our Facebook Page.   In a matter of weeks, the number of Likes on our page has increased significantly!  Molly is full of energy and is constantly generating new ideas and suggestions to keep our page fresh and engaging!   She is a pleasure to work with and is very detail-oriented and well-organized.

Monica McDermott, McDermott Oil Company

Molly has done a great job with our social media.  She is very creative and goal-oriented.  I would highly recommend her.

Jason McDermott, McDermott Oil Company

I have seen a lot of Molly Knuth’s top quality work, and she recently completed a video montage for us.  She works quickly, has creative ideas and finds the pieces of the footage that will be the most dynamic for the message you are conveying.  I would highly recommend Molly Knuth Media to anyone looking for a social media presence.  She has many levels of pricing and products and can work with you on your budget.

Kathy McAllister, Fidelity Bank