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Keeping the Social in Social Media: A Printable for Marketing your Business Online

As business owners, we've been coached and nurtured to sell, sell, sell our product, but constant self-promotion is NOT what audiences on social media respond to. They know the marketing schemes and click-bait posts, and they are savvy enough to know when something is a pitch versus a genuine story being told. So here at Molly Knuth Media, I'm going to tell you that for the next week, I want you to refocus your online marketing efforts, and focus instead on interacting socially with your followers. Oh look! And I even included a handy checklist to make it easy for you!


Joy for the Holidays: Managing the season as a wife, mom, and business owner

Let me know if this sounds familiar: Lists clutter your counter and purse full of chicken-scratched names and gifts ideasCalendars and more lists of events and obligations for school and familyDelivery boxes piled up in your closet/store room/under the bed, some safely hidden away, others blatantly stacked in the cornerSleep schedules...what are those?Anxiety to finish… Continue reading Joy for the Holidays: Managing the season as a wife, mom, and business owner


Facebook for Business 101

Why do you NEED a Facebook Page for your business and how exactly is managing a page different than just a personal account? Check it all out in MKM's newest blog for marketing your small business or local business.


Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

A social media strategy is not just the frequency of your posts or the platforms you interact on...having a comprehensive social media strategy for your small business marketing involves setting goals, making sure you are tuned into your business values, and meeting the needs of your target audience. Read more for how to develop your own strategy in the MKM blog.


This is a crappy blog post

As a small business owner you are likely focused on the day-to-day of your business managing team members, responding to orders, working with clients and customers, payroll, troubleshooting...oh yeah and actual production of your item or service you specialize in. So how do you add social media marketing to your plate? Well, this crappy blog post is short and sweet and when used in conjunction with the tutorial at it is a first step in marketing your business better online.