Small-Minded Design: Self-Guided Canva Workshop


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If you’re a small business owner or small-town citizen looking for ways to spread the message for your favorite business, nonprofit or school, check out the MKM Small-Minded Design: Canva Workshop for Small-Town, Small Business owners.


Within 24 hours of your purchase, you receive:

▪️ 90-minute Canva training from Molly inside private Facebook Group (originally recorded live, but you can watch, pause, and return at your convenience)


▪️ Instruction on making digital and print marketing assets including static posts, photo posts, videos, posters and more


▪️ User tips for navigation of Canva, removing white backgrounds, and downloading images with transparent backgrounds


▪️ 20-page workbook with instruction on basic design principles and step-by-steps for Canva’s free version vs. Canva Pro’s paid version


▪️ 50+ customizable Canva templates curated by Molly that you can customize and use in your own marketing


▪️ Bonus mini-trainings explaining additional tips and tricks


▪️ Q&A opportunities inside the Facebook Group


▪️ Confidence that you have professional-looking marketing assets at the fraction of the price


*This training was originally recorded live, so you will see comments and answers in real time during the 90-minute training video, but it is now a self-guided workshop.


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